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Miscellaneous thoughts and things of interest...

This is the part of my website where I post miscellaneous things of interest to me, and hope they may be of interest to you too. As a female born in 1962, I find many others in the local biker community grew up in the 60's and 70's as well, and share alot of similar memories. To those of you who are younger, keep an open mind, there was alot of cool stuff going on back in the day that you may not know about, but with the internet and you tube you can get a glimpse of what the world was like back then, there are some amazing performers and music that you might not have heard of. I freak out when I realize that my son, who is in his late 20's, has never heard of Carol Burnett or Herb Alpert, both of whom I consider to be beyond spectacular!!! Another subject of great interest to me, and very near to my heart, is autism, as my youngest son has ASD. So much to say on that subject, and please indulge me if I use this area of my website from time to time as a forum to get it out.

Ride safely, friends

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